The Most Common Website Design Mistakes Young Businesses Make!

Common Website Design

Web design is an art form; like art, it provides an experience for viewers. Web design combines form and function to make a website enjoyable, interesting, usable, and easy to navigate for everyone. And to develop a flawless website, there are certain unspoken and unspoken rules that every web designer should follow.

Often people don’t follow these rules, and that’s when disastrous websites happen. The digital world is competitive; every business needs a well-designed and fully updated site. It is no longer an option.

This means that your site must capture their attention in five seconds. You wouldn’t want your customers to switch to your competitor; making a bad first impression will only increase your site’s bounce rate.

Unfortunately, business leaders typically make this mistake without even realizing it, and with alarming frequency. This usually happens when business owners try to save money and take on the project.

But with countless optimization tools and techniques to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Well, never fear, because I have what you need to help you.

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Typically, small businesses don’t realize the importance of CTAs, leading to fewer potential customers and leads. A good website has visible and attention-grabbing CTAs with appropriate content and position to entice visitors into becoming customers.

If you have hired a good web design company in Houston , they will be competent enough to help you place CTAs on your website to attract visitors.

As a new business owner, you can get overly enthusiastic and create a website with lots of content, which results in an information cluttered user interface. Customers then feel overwhelmed and confused.

Websites that contain nothing or too little information are at the other end of the spectrum. Minimalism is a big trend, and it works like magic when applied correctly. However, some new business owners develop sites that are too cryptic, leaving too much to the imagination – another big mistake.

Your site should be clear and easy to navigate, without clutter, but it should also tell visitors what your business does and who you are. Keep the site design minimal, with all the important details, and you’ll be good to go.

As we mentioned earlier, the average user attention time is 8 seconds. Customers usually respond to an ad by clicking to see the products/services you offer. By following the CTA, visitors click on the link, and if it takes them to a page that takes too long to load, they get annoyed and leave the page.

This can be terrible for your business, especially if you have an e-commerce business with no app or physical store. To speed up loading, upload photos under 300 KB or background images under 1 MB.

Irrelevant and outdated content

Imagine finding an NGO’s website filled with information about Hollywood; what would your reaction be? You will be puzzled. The same thing happens with customers when you put irrelevant content or images on your site. Power content that matches your primary purpose.

The same goes for images – images should integrate well with your content. Similarly, updating and refreshing your content is also necessary as it indirectly impacts your customer responses. You can even lose important data by crashing your website due to outdated themes and plugins.

You may also experience automatic redirects to other sites, which hurts your SEO and exposes you to backtracking from Google.

The domain name is the first thing you decide on, so it should be easy to navigate. However, if your site is difficult to navigate, has coding issues, broken internal links, and expired or mismatched domain names, it will be a dysfunctional site.

Another reason behind a malfunctioning site could be an insecure HTML site, and visitors will doubt your site security. This results in a frustrated audience and poor user experience.

Simply put, backlinking is directing a visitor to your site from another site. The credibility of your site depends on backlinks, especially for SEO and Google PageRank.

Backlinking confirms that your site has relevant content to the linked site. It is also a guarantee of quality. It is one of the most crucial elements of your SEO.

The internal link consists in guiding the visitor from one page to another of your site. This is, again, an important part of your site. Also, adding social media links to your sites is an important onboarding strategy.

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We’ve covered many things that can negatively impact your website’s performance. But as we concluded, there are a few mistakes that you absolutely must avoid in order to create a successful website, such as having a clear domain name, a well-placed and functional CTA (Call-to-Action) button, information accurate with relevant images, internal links and backlinks, and a fast-loading site.

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