Translation on Android: top 6 best apps

6 best apps

We may regularly need a fast and good quality translation. Old paper dictionaries have become increasingly rare and the smartphone represents an obvious solution. But many translation apps are available. How do I know which to use? Check out our six favorite Android translation apps.

The best: google translate

There’s really no room for debate over the best Android application, the “best all-around” as English speakers say. Google’s translation service covers most generic needs.

Launched more than 11 years ago , Google’s service has continued to improve. Last November, Mountain View Enterprise Services added machine learning to it . He can now learn from his mistakes and above all the translation is more human.

Currently, no less than 90 languages ​​are available for translation . You can also take a photo and translate its content (26 languages), write with your fingers and communicate in both directions in 40 languages. Perfect for holding a live conversation. If you know you’re not going to have internet access, then you can download a ‘language pack’ directly to your smartphone.

Google Translate: essential tips for better communication

Microsoft’s translation app is more for targeted use. For example, you are going abroad, to a country whose language you absolutely do not speak. Rather than buying an old-fashioned bilingual dictionary, download Microsoft Translator. Then choose the language you need to use from a selection of 42 possible ones .

It is therefore an application that is particularly suitable for those who travel regularly and do not want to have to pay for Internet access or walk around with a guide under their arm . Among the options available, we discover voice recognition, text recognition, keyboard translation and bi-directional translation.

The interface is neat and well thought out but it must be recognized that it is less complete than that of Google. We are here on a much more specific use .

For voice recognition: translate voice

According to the various specialists in the subject, this is the application with the best voice recognition. She is able to recognize the text just as much if it is a simple word, a sentence or a larger text . The only real technical limit is that of the capacity of your telephone.

Voice recognition can really be important if you’re out with friends and don’t want to be typing on your phone . They will understand much more easily that you take out your smartphone if it is to be able to chat with them. Above all, the sentence will be translated aloud, so they won’t have to put up with your accent!

The application also gives you a small dictionary of the most used phrases. Particularly practical if, for example, you need to ask for help from a doctor, a policeman , etc. The application is available in 42 different languages.

The easiest to use: easy language translator

When you go to test translation applications, you will quickly realize that ease of use is not always there. The interfaces are not necessarily intuitive and it will take time to acclimatise. If you want something really simple and easy to pick up, check out Easy Language Translator.

Here, we focus on simplicity, on the application that you can use without problems after a few minutes. Only two options: write and speak . Both are pretty quick to use. Big flags help you to choose the language without risk of making mistakes and the large font makes the application very readable.

You can also add functions to go a little further. The application works with no less than 79 different languages.

This application is more dedicated to specialists, to those who have at least a basic knowledge of a language and want to be able to go further. If you want to translate full texts, this application will not be useful. The idea is to be able to go in depth on the meaning of words .

The same word can have several meanings in a language. For a native, this is not a problem but for someone who listens to it, understanding it in its context can be complicated . Pons therefore helps you to define which is the most suitable direction.

The application also offers you sentences where the word is included in order to help you understand the context. A total of 40 dictionaries are available in a total of 36 languages .

You are chatting with someone speaking another language on Whatsapp or Messenger. If you are looking for a word in its language, you will have to exit the application, open your translator and then return to your conversation. Not really practical.

The solution is therefore to integrate the translator inside your keyboard. Thus, you will find it in all applications. GBoard is the keyboard designed by Google that can help you. Thanks to multilingual typing, you can jump from one language to another easily. The advantage is that it also has Google Translate implanted inside. So you can write in your language and let him do the translation.

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