Why transactional emails are important?

transactional emails

Will you ever subscribe to any streaming platform if they do not provide you with a confirmation email? Or will you buy something from a retail website if they do not give an order confirmation? If that happens, then we suspect that the platform is kind of unprofessional, and when we do not get updates post order – then we think that it might be a scam. The issue here, mostly lies with the transactional emails, and this can be easily solved with the help of a professional relay provider.

But what are this transactional email server in India? How and why, one should send them? Well, these are the messages that are sent after an action is taken by the customer. Suppose if a customer subscribes to a channel; of buys a product from an online service, or when a password is being reset – an email is sent to them confirming the same. This confirmation is important, as it assures the customer about the action they have taken.

Hence, these are the emails that are very important for both the customers, and the business. Also, they are crucial as it talks about the brand’s credibility. Their accuracy can contribute to the building of the reputation of the business or the brand.

It is true that the customer do question the brand’s legitimacy if they do not get a confirmation email once the order is complete. They will start having doubts about it, and even if the products are delivered, they will not feel much enthusiastic ordering from the same site again. Transactional emails also go beyond conveying the practical information. They can provide a green signal that the company is trustworthy, and it is very important to the web users. They work as a kind of business card for the brand.

Commercial emails vs. Transactional emails

There are quite a few, and significant differences between these two kinds of emails. On one hand, the email marketing represents a kind of additional tool to develop the business, and on the other hand the transactional emails are kind of indispensable for the business as doing without them can harm the brand’s reputation.

Transactional emails are very important as a one-to-one communication tool between the brand, and its customers. Commercial emails are generally sent to the usual contact list to a scheduled time of the day. They are never a part of one-to-one communication.

In the modern times, no one can think of giving up any email marketing – but implementing them effectively, and timely can be very precise. This is also a part of transactional communication that is fundamentally pointing towards the comprehensive strategy. Also, the delivery of a transactional email is a must and so it should be as fast as possible. The site has to optimize the delivery of it so that it allows the analysis of sending email statistics.

There are professional relay providers in the market that ensures the delivery of these transactional, and commercial emails. Their goal is to ensure that the message reach their customers right on time, and they also guarantee maximum email deliverability. When a company hires a professional relay service – they also get some additional benefits from them. These are:

  • Whitelisted sending servers
  • High-speed delivery
  • Up-to-date statistics
  • Real-time metrics tracking
  • Deliverability support
  • 24/7 multilingual assistance
  • Bounce handling, spam complaint management, and unsubscribe management
  • Flexible and tailor-made plans

Types of transactional emails one needs to know about

Confirmation emails for successful subscriptions

Creating an account is the first interaction that happens between a brand, and the customer. By providing the right information to create the account on the website – people are actually showing interest in what one is offering. So, the brand also needs to ensure that the transactional email should reach the customer that contain confirmation of successful registration. If the consumer has asked for double confirmation, then along with the email, an SMS should be provided to them as well.

Order confirmation emails

It is very important for the users to trust the brand where they are buying products or services from. There should be a certain loyalty from the brand, and for that they need to send an email to the consumer as a service offer. It also ensures good reputation for the brand, and as the confirmation email reaches the customer, they know how professional and reliable a brand can be.

Notification emails

Among all the transactional emails – there are notification emails as well. Here, the email messages contain shipment alerts, delivery alerts, potential delays, and package track links. Email notifications are also delivered when it is received from the seller. This is a great way to communicate with the buyers about the products.

Password recovery emails

This have happened to many as they try to register to a website after long – and for their login credentials. This can happen to any subscribers or customers. In those cases, the customer has to request the password reset, and change them. The moment they click the reset option – there should be an immediate transactional email that will allow them to change the password by clicking the given link.

Emails containing invoices and receipts.

Payment receipts and invoices should come through a confirmation email. One also needs to send the documents differently in another transactional email. Getting invoices can help the customers to rely more on the services.

Transactional email API API gateway  is needed because one has to be professional in case of transactional emails. Sending these emails are also feasible through personal emails but that is not the best choice because of many reasons.

First of all, there are limitations when it comes to personal email accounts. There are only a certain number of emails one can send in a time frame from their personal account. But if there is a professional account – then one can easily avoid these limitations. Also, there can be authentication issues if one sends the mail through their personal Id. Being professional makes more sense in these sort of transactions and confirmations.

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